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Seafood Literacy: Knowledge and Techniques from Sea to Plate

Welcome to Seafood Literacy, an online course created by The Coastal Culinary Academy and Chef Barton Seaver - with support from Beaver Street Fisheries.

Understanding how to source, prepare, cook, and serve seafood is a skill set called Seafood Literacy - the confidence and competence to take full advantage of all the unique qualities of fish, shellfish and sea greens have to offer. Working to attain a high level of Seafood Literacy makes you more valuable as a cook and gives you the opportunity to be a leader in your kitchen.

Online Course Highlights

  • Seafood sourcing from sea to table

  • Foundational techniques and knowledge needed to include more sustainable seafood on the menu.

  • Seafood quality analysis, handling and fabrication

  • Adapt common culinary techniques to seafood cookery

Your Certificate of Achievement Awaits You!

Designed and taught by leading chef educators, this program delivers detailed video instruction in the foundations of cooking. Certification through Rouxbe is a mark of achievement and an important part of showing your commitment to a professional path.


Welcome to your course!
Recognized by the American Culinary Federation Education Foundation as an Approved Program.

You will earn 15.0 CEHs from the ACF (American Culinary Federation) upon successful completion of:

  • Seafood Literacy